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Welcome New Parents and Expectant Parents of Multiples!

Congratulations on the birth or impending birth of your multiples! You have a big job ahead of you, as well as...MULTIPLE DOSES OF LOVE AND FUN. More love, fun and joy than you can ever imagine! Our club (UMOMC) is a support group especially designed to facilitate social contact and support from other families who share the same experiences. As new parents you will be facing double, triple or more of everything. Your role in raising your children as individuals becomes very important with the arrival of your new family. UMOMC is here to help support you in this new phase of your life.

At our meetings we have guest speakers relevant to our lifestyles, discussion groups and Multiple Panels. Being a member of UMOMC also includes the ability to attend the bi-annual Clothing and Equipment Sale, and have support and social contact with other families of multiples. In addition, UMOMC provides assistance to families in need as resources are available. And since new and expecting parents face some of the biggest hurdles, we have our Bellies and Babies sub-support group. We meet 45min before the regular meeting (6:15pm at Greenville Memorial Hospital, Conference Room 2) and offer special topics covering being pregnant with multiples through the first year of caring for your babies.

In our online membership packet you will find articles and tips about parenting multiples and more. Please contact us for additional information or if you have any questions. We sincerely hope that you will join us at a meeting very soon! Congratulations Again!!!!!

The Upstate Moms Of Multiples Club Board

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